The Pros And Cons of Using A Trundle Bed

When space is limited and you are considering the purchase of a trundle bed, it is advised that you know how these items operate. Knowing the specifications and features of this unique bedroom item provides you with information that will make the purchase of a trundle more appealing. Unfortunately, as with all things, this type of bed does present with some disadvantages. This article will provide information on the different pros and cons of using a trundle mattress.

What Is A Trundle Bed?

The trundle refers to a pair of beds working in conjunction with one another. One of the beds is typically a twin-size mattress and the other is smaller. The trundle or lower mattress is fitted with casters and can be stored underneath the upper bed frame.

What Are The Benefits?

By placing the lower mattress beneath the top mattress, the trundle bed acts as a space saver. This is highly beneficial if you have a small room where floor space is restricted. It can also be used in a room where floor space is required during the day but can be converted into a guest room at night – a two-in-one alternative. Trundle units can be considered highly practical and, in some cases, fashionable; however, this can detract from their desirability.

What Are The Drawbacks?

When buying a trundle unit, it is important to purchase the bottom mattress at the same time as the upper frame to ensure a suitable fit. Unfortunately, this can increase the cost of the bed unit as a mattress size unique to the lower frame needs to accommodate the smaller frame size. It restricts the buyer’s options for a mattress and there will also be a need for custom-made sheets – factors that will increase the price of the trundle option.

When considering a child or teenager’s trundle-style bed, it is important to note that neither the upper or lower frame has box springs. This lack of support will affect the children on a logistical level as they cannot use the mattresses for long periods of time. Moreover, the beds present with thin mattresses which is detrimental to people with back problems.

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Final Words

While the use of a trundle-style bed unit can be beneficial, it does present with several disadvantages. It is important that you take the disadvantages into account when choosing to purchase this type of bedding. There is no use spending money on a bed unit to find that it does not meet your needs or preferences.