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The Beginner’s Guide To Make Shirts In Madison WI

Designing a custom shirt can be a highly exciting and enjoyable activity; however, it can be quite complex if you aren’t sure how to go about it. Despite the fact that many people find this quite a profitable venture, creating a custom shirt is not as easy as simply slathering some paint on a t-shirt – you need more than that. This article will point out the various factors required to create a custom shirt and how to become a pro to make shirts in Madison WI.

1. Plan The Design

The first step to creating any custom item of clothing is to plan the design. This is arguably the most difficult part of creating a handmade shirt as you need to take various considerations into account before making a final decision. It is vital that you identify what the design will represent: are you advertising a brand or depicting your new band or personal drawings? If you are considering a photograph in your shirt you may use a personal picture, but only if you have the legal rights to the image. If you are using a stock image it is important you have purchased the picture.

2. Choosing A Color Scheme

When choosing to make shirts in Madison WI it is vital that you opt for the correct color scheme or contrast. The color contrast refers to the manner in which inks either complement or conflict when placed next to one another. In some instances you may choose to create a design with conflicting colors to represent a bold and unorthodox style; however, most shirts would benefit from complementary schemes. Ideally, darker shirts should have lighter images and lighter shirts should have darker images in order for the picture to stand out completely.

3. Place The Design

Once the design has been created with the colors set to the different elements, it is necessary to place the design on the shirt using image manipulation software such as Photoshop or Gimp. This can be done by creating a background image of the shirt and sliding the image along the shirt to the desired area. Try various places to determine which would be the most effective. Typically, the center of the shirt would be beneficial; however, alternate places including the shoulder or side can be useful dependent on representation. Once the design has been placed print a mock up of the shirt to identify whether this is the final design you will be happy with.

4. Print And Iron

The final step is to print the image (minus the shirt background) onto a special type of paper known as a transfer strip. Once this is completed, all that is left is to iron the design onto the plain shirt.