What Is Special About Moissanite Engagement Rings

Synthetic Moissanite is a good choice for engagement rings as they are very close to diamonds in hardness and are actually more reflective due the higher refractive index. Moissanite stones display more fire and only slightly less brilliance than diamonds and it is this balance between brilliance and fire that gives it such an attractive appearance. The added appearance of fire in Moissanites is due to the fact that they are doubly refractive whereas diamonds are singly refractive. Fire is what causes rainbow colors to appear when a gem catches the light.

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a naturally occurring silicon carbide first discovered in the late 19th century by Charles Moissan. Only limited deposits of this extremely rare mineral have ever been found, mostly in kimberlite or as naturally occurring inclusions found in diamonds. Due to its rarity Moissanite is synthetically created in a laboratory for a number of applications, including as beautiful gemstones for jewellery. Synthetic Moissanite gem stones simulate the appearance of diamonds and because they are manufactured in quantity, are less expensive than diamonds while looking exactly like the real thing. Moissanite is a hard and long lasting gem that is particularly effective when set in custom-made jewellery such as engagement rings.

Moissanites typically have a slight yellowish or greenish tint but the latest available specimens are whiter in appearance and seem brighter as they have an excellent cut. That is why a Moissanite engagement ring is as beautiful as any diamond engagement ring. The properties of Moissanite make it an excellent choice for jewellery such as engagement or eternity rings that are worn every day.

As with any gemstone reasonable care should be taken to protect Moissanites. Because of its hardness it can be brittle and pieces can break of in layers. No gemstone, even a diamond, is indestructible so it is important to take good care of your Moissanite, particularly smaller stones that are more vulnerable.

Moissanite engagement rings are perfect for those who feel uncomfortable with mining practices as they offer a truly guilt-free choice without having to forego the beauty of a traditional diamond when getting engaged.

There are two options available for Moissanite engagement rings. You can source a Moissanite yourself and take it in to a jeweler to design a custom ring, or you can choose one of the many beautiful ready made designs available on the internet or at a jewellery store. Either way, a Moissanite is an ideal alternative to a traditional diamond for any piece of jewellery.

Are You Interested in Getting Help with Your Party Planning Needs?

Are you in charge of a party for a personal or professional event? Are you struggling to figure out what you need to do so that the evening will be a success? Are you not even sure if it will be an evening event?!? If this sounds like you right now, take heart. You need to learn about party planning so that you can take care of the challenge. Once you have this one down, you can handle the next one with ease. Be sure to check out party in a box for more information.

So, to start your party planning, you will need to think about the main question words that you learned way back in school: who, what, when, where, how and why. If you can answer all of these things, you will be off to a great start at getting everthing organized for the big party. However, you will also want to know that you have all of the right things that are needed. From invitations to clean up, you have a lot to consider and you certainly don’t want to find out at the last minute that you forget about an important aspect.

One of the things that you can do in order to prevent this from happening is look at pictures of such events and make notes of everything that you notice. Foods, beverages, confetti. Break down all of the elements and determine what the common things are. So, a birthday party for a little kid might have a cake with a clown whereas pictures of a birthday party for a 40 year old might include an over the hill sign. However, you can tell that you should have some type of cake for the party.

Which means that you will have to figure out the theme. Knowing the theme will allow you to plug in the appropriate elements so that you can pull off the bash. You are sure to have a great time if you plan well, and so are your guests.

Use a notebook or other organizer to make sure that you are able to keep up with all of your party planning endeavors. A multi-subject college notebook might be ideal so that you can have different sections. Don’t forget to keep digital files as well.

Have a great time with your well planned party and the knowledge you gained about pulling off such an event!

The Beginner’s Guide To Make Shirts In Madison WI

Designing a custom shirt can be a highly exciting and enjoyable activity; however, it can be quite complex if you aren’t sure how to go about it. Despite the fact that many people find this quite a profitable venture, creating a custom shirt is not as easy as simply slathering some paint on a t-shirt – you need more than that. This article will point out the various factors required to create a custom shirt and how to become a pro to make shirts in Madison WI.

1. Plan The Design

The first step to creating any custom item of clothing is to plan the design. This is arguably the most difficult part of creating a handmade shirt as you need to take various considerations into account before making a final decision. It is vital that you identify what the design will represent: are you advertising a brand or depicting your new band or personal drawings? If you are considering a photograph in your shirt you may use a personal picture, but only if you have the legal rights to the image. If you are using a stock image it is important you have purchased the picture.

2. Choosing A Color Scheme

When choosing to make shirts in Madison WI it is vital that you opt for the correct color scheme or contrast. The color contrast refers to the manner in which inks either complement or conflict when placed next to one another. In some instances you may choose to create a design with conflicting colors to represent a bold and unorthodox style; however, most shirts would benefit from complementary schemes. Ideally, darker shirts should have lighter images and lighter shirts should have darker images in order for the picture to stand out completely.

3. Place The Design

Once the design has been created with the colors set to the different elements, it is necessary to place the design on the shirt using image manipulation software such as Photoshop or Gimp. This can be done by creating a background image of the shirt and sliding the image along the shirt to the desired area. Try various places to determine which would be the most effective. Typically, the center of the shirt would be beneficial; however, alternate places including the shoulder or side can be useful dependent on representation. Once the design has been placed print a mock up of the shirt to identify whether this is the final design you will be happy with.

4. Print And Iron

The final step is to print the image (minus the shirt background) onto a special type of paper known as a transfer strip. Once this is completed, all that is left is to iron the design onto the plain shirt.